West Marches: Westmoor

A Tale Of Two Throkgars

Armen Hammerman, Sid Maxwell, Urist McDwarf, and Throkgar, were sitting around the tavern when a new ally came to greet them: Tyrone, a scholar of sword and spell. Tyrone had travelled from a long way and decided to join our group in their adventures. The next thing to do was visit Nalukkhaz.

But first, a drink. Throkgardowned bottle after bottle of wine, managing to drink under the table a fellow half-orc named Vashit. Vashit wouldn’t take this defeat lying down, so he competed against Throkgar in many bar challenges. Losing them all, he decided to become Throkgar’s friend and joined the adventuring party.

After a walk back to The entrance to Nalukkhaz, the group reconnected with Dwarren, where Sid delivered him a message from Coaltoe. Thr groupd finds that no more attacks have happened since their last bout with the harpies. They want to go back down to the first floor since there was no time to clear it out after killing the beasts that resided there on the last trip.

Stepping through the hallway, they remember to avoid the stone pile alarm, still set up. But something isn’t there that should be: the corpses of the creatures. The group looks throughout the floor, coming at last to the two locked doors, finding no bodies, but trails of blood, indicating they’d been dragged to these rooms. Opening the doors, the ‘heroes’ are beset on all sides by hideous centipede creatures. One paralyzes Sid while another fights Throkgar, Urist, and Vashit, and a third fights Tyrone and Armen. Throkgar tries to go help the helpless Sid, but the centipede he was near took advantage of this opportunity to paralyze him as well. Urist pounds away at the creature, while Armen and Tyrone use teamwork to fight the beast. It tries to run, but Tyrone catches and kills it. Sid recovers enough strength to break free of the paralysis, and fights the creature, doing massive damage. Throkgar then regains his movement as well, and when the centipede tries to flee down a hole, he chases after it. Meanwhi.le, Urist has been doing great harm to the monster, but its Vashit who takes hte final shot, chucking his spear through the creature’s hide, dealing the lethal blow. Throkgar catches up to the last one, and breaks its neck against his knee.

Thr group reconvenes in the were dingoes throne room, discovering gems and figurines along with something equally intersting. A tunnel. They decide to go down it and make their way to a large cavern where Tyrone hears a voice whisper out to him. He dismisses it at first, but it persists. He begins acting oddly, insisting on going into certain rooms in the labyrinthine caverns. At one point, our group thinks they see a pair of eyes on the ceiling, but they’re unable to find the crature those eyes belonged to. They move on, as one by one, they begin acting strangely, wanting to do into a place that had been previously ignored, insisting on it. Throkgar says that he’s had enough and leaves with Vashit in toe to find their way out of these caves.

As soona stheir out of earshot, Vashit is delivered a rude surprise from his new friend, in the form of a quarterstaff in the head. He’s beaten to unconsciousness and shoved in a fissure while Throkgar returns to the group, claiming to be attacked by Vashit. As thr group explores the tunnels, they start to grow suspicious of each other. Throkgar in particular, is watched with a leery eye. but it’s when they find the body of Vashit in the fissure that our gorup really starts to believe something is amiss. Urist uses his saintly powers to stabilize Vashit’s condition, but Vashit is unable to remember what happened. Whiel arguing about what to do next, Armen hears a voice from a nearby cavern. He tries to run over there, but Throkgar attacks him with his quarterstaff, not trusting the sudden movement. Armen, Vashit, Tyrone, and Urist run to the other cave, leaving only Sid and Throkgar.

In that room, they find a webbed up figure, making grunting noises. They open up the cocoon to find another Throkgar! Back with Sid and Throkgar, Throkgar tries to run, but Sid takes the opportunity to attack him, slicing away Throkgar’s skin to reveal a grey humanoid monster who had taken Throkgar’s form. The beast manages to run away and Sid joins the rest of the party. They establish that Throkgar and Sid are who they say they are by asking questions, specifically about BeastMaster Bert and whether or not Garrett is pompous. They make a codeword that I dare not share on this page in case the chapeshifter has wifi in the cave to ensure that they will be able to tell if one of them has been replaced in the future. They end the adventure there by returning to the surface, with nothing to show for their trek thorugh the tunnel, but the knowledge of the horrible danger that lies within.


andrew_engstrom devinawe

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