West Marches: Westmoor

Beartrap Headbutt

The Goblin King

Garrett, Carlos, Armen, and Selta returned to the previously discovered goblin hangout in Dranzilthl’s Ravine to explore further. It seemed the goblins reinforced their base with a few traps and barricaded the doors.

After evading the traps and forcing their way through the doors the adventurers proceeded to combat some goblin guards and head through the Dranzilthl mosaic’s mouth. On the other side they encountered the previously discovered rope bride but this time there were two goblins on the far side. The goblins immediately started to cut the rope bridge down to prevent passage and managed to cut one of the support ropes while Armen was on the bridge but the adventurers were able to prevent them from completely disabling the bridge and got Armen back to safety.

With the goblins incapacitated (They thought the adventurers were kinda cool guys at this point) Carlos shimmied across the remaining rope and once on the other side he and Garrett mended the cut rope with a spell. The party crossed the bridge and went through the far door to Dranzilthl’s Palace.

Inside the door they found several more goblins and an odd hole in the ceiling. The found a way to go up, through the hole and there discovered more goblins and the Goblin King, who had a bad-ass beartrap for a crown. After a grueling fight the king and goblins were defeated and the adventurers found a horde of treasure.

Before heading home with their new-found treasure they took a peak down another corridor and accidentally alerted more goblins. The party grabbed their treasure and ran, creating a makeshift pulley system to transport it across the rope bridge without stressing the rickety beams. The pulley system worked perfectly and the adventurers narrowly escaped with their treasure and made it back to town.


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