West Marches: Westmoor

Beating up a stalactite

It only wanted to give us a hug

Today our party of heroes is joined by a red-haired Dwarven Barbarian Galena. Galena, Before they head out on their latest exploration of Nalukkhaz, Garrett undergoes the ever-important process of renting out Lanny for a few days as his scribe.

Throkgar, Lothric, Sid, Lanny, Vashit, Garrett, and Galena make their way to Nalukkhaz where Sid delivers a stack of letters from Coaltoe to Dwarren. Dwarren and Galenashare some animosity, but do their best to keep things civil The party decides to spend the night resting before descending on the elevator the dwarves have rigged up to go down the stairwell.

As they rest, Galena tries to sneak into Dwarren’s tent but she’s caught before she can do so Thankfully, it’s just being seen, so no trouble arises from it.

The group descends on the elevator, wary of harpies. They keep a constant vigil for any activity, but there are no developments until the platform starts shaking and refusing to descend any further. The group disembarks to find a nearby doorwar. They drop a rock with lgiht on it, and for once, they can actually see the bottom of the well. Our heroes have found the bottom of the stairwell one floor down from where they are.

They decide to explore this cavern first, and go into a room to find dead dwarves with arrows sticking out of them, and four barrels throughout the room. Throkgar opens a barrel and is attacked by a creature made of green slime mold. It clings to him before being smashed apart by the party, leaving Throkgar with a minor case of poisoning that could become much worse come morning.

The group is then besieged by those dwarf corpses littering the room, reanimated with foul magic. They rise and attack. Garrett for some completely indiscernible reason sends Lothric a safe distance back before casting Turn Undead, which sends one of the zombies scurrying away in fear. The party fought off the zombies without much trouble.

Afterwards, the group debates going back, but decides to do some scouting first. Bloodsplatter is sent ahead, and he checks out the next room, sniffing for anything out of the ordinary. Bloodsplatter goes back to Vashit, who’s casting Speak With Animals and reports that there’s a large pool of liquid in the middle of the next room and he doesn’t find anything else.

The dungeon-delvers decide to check it out and Garrett is excited to try out his lightning javelin. As they enter the cavern they look around for the monster until Galena spots a suspicious looking stalactite on the ceiling. The party starts shooting at it with bows, javelins, and handaxes. The stalactive then reeveals itself as a hideous one-eyed monster with tentacles known as a roper. Thinking quickly, Garrett renders the monster blind. and the group resumes pounding away at it while it’s helplessly groping about the cavern.

After a few uneventful turns of the creature trying and failing to grasp someone, it finally succumbs to the damage and plummets from the ceiling into the floor. The group retrieves their thrown weapons by fishing for them in the acid pool with a net while Sid collects the Roper corpse to be traded in for ingredients. The group returns to the top with prize in tow, and find they’ve become local legends for this feat of strength.

They get the corpse appraised and walk away with over a thousand gold pieces. The party bids farewell to Galena as she sets off on her own journey, and rejoices in today’s good fortune.



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