West Marches: Westmoor

Changes in DM Availability

In which the DM wants to play a game too

Hello, West Marchers. I’m putting this as an Adventure Log to help promote visibility. Maybe some of you still get the notification emails for these; I dunno…

Anyway, I wanted to make it known that a friend of mine has started his own D&D game and invited me to be a player. This means I’ll be blocking off one night a week to play and enjoy being on the other side of the screen. The most likely day right now looks like Tuesdays, but I’ll make another announcement to confirm that once we have a final vote from all involved parties. Please note that the rest of the week is still generally fair game as long as you give me enough advance notice. Ideally, I’d like more than a week to plan ahead because of other activities competing for my time. Thanks for helping me out with that.

And as long as I have your ear, a reminder that a game is scheduled for this Thursday if enough people RSVP.

Happy gaming!


andrew_engstrom andrew_engstrom

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