West Marches: Westmoor

Down The Demon Depths

Exploring the Demon Temple

Today our band of ‘heroes’ adventures down to the depths of Amber Heath, intent on using Garrett Falstad‘s knowledge from his last expedition to aid them in their delving. They climb down the rope with no issues and proceed through the temple until they reach the first test of their mettle: a trap in which you can only step on the proper tiles to spell out the demon lord’s name Dranzilthl. Most of the gorup fared well, but the illiterate Vashit struggled and stepped on the wrong tile, unleashing a horde of vines that ensnared himself.

After freeing him, they continued to a mouth that tried to entice people to get inside of it and be eaten. The magic words attempted to enchant the party to forget their better judgment, but they resisted. Again Vashit fialed this, and had to be restrained. Moving on, the party found a staircase leading down. They descended to find that ithe path completely submerged. Garret and Lothric took point, exploring to find themselves face to face with a giant eel. Garrett tried to grapple it to pull it back to the surface, but it didn’t quite work. The rest of the party quickly rushed in to join him, and beat the eel into submission.

They continued until they came to an ominous chamber, with a large golden sarcophogus at the end of it. After looting some underwater treasure chests to get a magic sword, a spell scroll, and some third thing, they rose out of the water. This is when they found out that the air in the room was poisoned. Sid Maxwell fell ill to the effects.

prepared for what was in the sarcophogus. Or at least as much as one could prepare. Vashit and Throkgar threw in their earplugs, which had originally been obtained to fight the harpies, and everyone readied to fire on anything that advanced from the coffin. Suddenly the coffin lid levitated, and almost squashed some of the heores as two horrific entities arose from it. They were fleshy masses of mouths and eyes, inciting madness in the listeners. Everyone had to keep fighting against their Lovecraftian might to not go insane with fear as reality began to bend around them. Thankfully, even Lovecraftian horrors respond veryy well to being hit, slashed, and pierced over and over again, so violence was able to save the day.

The heroes searched all over, finding no clue of where to go next in this chamber.. It turns out the magic sword enhanced the attuned’s insight, but at the cost of a 1 in 20 chance to be blinded with each swing, and a curse against using other weapons. The gorup climbed abck out without much incident, aside from Sid falling into the lake, but he made it back out without any damage being done to him.


andrew_engstrom devinawe

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