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Game Etiquette and the RSVP Button

The DM is a little bit mad and wants you to hear why.

Lately people have been holding out on committing to game night until the day-of. While I love gaming and make an effort to be flexible for people, I haven’t been seeing a lot of reciprocity. It’s completely understandable when people can’t make it—that’s a normal thing called Life. However, the last couple times someone tried to schedule a game I’ve had to clear my schedule for something that never materialized.

How long would you work somewhere that required your availability, asked you to prepare lengthy reports at home, but didn’t actually call you in for paid work each day? I’m guessing not very long. As a simple statement of fact, DMing a game is WORK. It’s enjoyable work, but still an extra time and effort commitment outside of game hours. I’m clearing my schedule for this job, writing my “reports”, and even playing a bigger role in organizing things than I intended, but I’m not getting paid in sweet, sweet game time with my friends.

As of today and moving forward, I’m going to require that game days be settled by lunchtime on the preceding work day. If we game on, say, a Tuesday, I’m requiring a minimum head count by noon Monday or the game is canceled. How is participation determined? With the RSVP button. This is a minimum time frame, not a suggested time frame. I would appreciate that people show the courtesy of using the RSVP button as soon as they know if they can make it—either yes or no, just use it.

If you’re not interested in participating, that’s perfectly fine. I get it, you’re busy. But I didn’t pay for a year of access to the expanded features just so people can ignore the RSVP system. If you’re honestly not interested in gaming, then do me a courtesy and say so, and I’ll remove you from the system.



andrew_engstrom andrew_engstrom

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