West Marches: Westmoor

Harpies: Round 3

A leap of Faith

Today our bold ‘heroes’ venture further into Nalukkhaz to do more exploration. But on the way, they stop at Bert Lesym‘s farm to drop off some presents for him. Throkgar, Sid Maxwell, and Garrett Falstad enter the Bert’s home and Throkgar slaps a sack, oozing blood, onto Bert’s dining table.

“A gift for you, a symbol that those who would attack an infant will pay a hefty price.”

Bert looks into the sack, finding the severed head of the were-dingo chieftain. Sid adds to this by presenting the glaive of the beast as well. Overjoyed, Bert promises the two of them a ten percent discount for them or their friends for the foreseeable future. Garret buys a warhorse and Throkgar picks up his new rat BloodSplatter. He thinks that this is an ideal time to try and convert Bert to Gruumsh. He explains the teachings of the evil war god, but Bert isn’t completely on board, though he is open to more theological discussions in the future.

The three rejoin the rest of their friends, Urist McDwarf, Vashit, Tyrone, and Carlos, and venture onwards to Nalukkhaz. They descend the stairwell down past the first landing, and hear a rush of feathers as six harpies begin to attack. All is going well, until one of them begins singing. Members of the group are mesmerized by this melody, but by attacking the charmed members of the group, they’re able to set them free. All except one. Sid jumps off of the edge.

Throkgar looks at his comrade plummeting downwards and remembers how he was the last victim of the harpies’ song. He swears to himself that they would take no more victims. Throkgar uns past two harpies, who claw at him as he passes, but doesn’t let them slow him down. He jumps off of the edge, receiving the inspiring power of his allies, he graps onto Sid as they fall and uses his lord Gruumsh’s fan to blow them onto the stairwell so they would fall no further. The two are hurt but alive.

Back in the fight, Garrett summons a torrent of dead warriors’ souls to swarm at the harpies while Tyrone lets loose firebolt after firebolt. Vashit spent his time throwing an axe and screaming “VASHIT AM BEST ARCHER” at the top of his lungs, hitting a harpie in a way that allowed him to retrieve his weapon.

The harpies are defeated without too much trouble, save for the one who flew off. The group descends the stairs so that Sid can receive healing. meanwhile, Urist goes to explore the second landing, and for his trouble, he’s stung by eels in the puddle before the entrance. Enraged, he summons a spectral boot and starts squishing the eels. When the rest of the group rejoins him, they enter into the second landing to find an old ballista and several weapon racks. which have been enchanted so that the weapons stored on them will never rest. The group also finds several types of weapons on the rack along with a barrel of expired grain. Throkgar dumps out the barrel, but seeing only grain, he turns away. Vashit sees all of the grain on the floor and promptly screams out “GRAIN LIKE VASHIT HOME SANDBOX” and begins playing in it. While trying to make a sandcastle out of grain, he finds a pouch of gems. The group returns to Dwaren, with the weapon racks in tow. He thanks them for the weapons and pays them for their trouble.

They set off back towards town, while Garrett proudly explains to Lanny how he saved Sid’s life by giving throkgar wings with his awesome Cleric powers


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