West Marches: Westmoor

Return of the Magi

June 2nd - 3rd, 399

DM Andrew here. Brandon has been very busy and hasn’t been able to post a session recap. So I’ll fill in for him here. Remember the Party Leader rule, guys! If you get people together and post the session recap here, then you get a + 10% XP token to use on the next adventure!

This session saw the return of our Magic-User Triumvirate: Akorath Binglehop, Jarad Alhazred, and Roywin Garrick, joined by Carlos the Bard. They set out to complete the quest that had eluded them the previous day. Amber Heath was suspiciously quiet, and an elven woman named Iris promised the adventurers reward if they were to go ensure her husband’s safety.

With good weather and easy terrain, the group soon arrived in the small enclave. No people were to be seen until a terrified man urged them to come inside. He introduced himself as Elian, Iris’s husband. Apparently, the settlement had been terrorized by strange demonic creatures who killed anyone who dared to leave. He begged the group to rescue him, and after verifying that there were no other survivors (possibly as recently as last night), they agreed. On the way out of town, Carlos flipped a silver coin into the well for good luck.

On the path, they were ambushed by two pasty-skinned, eyeless creatures. These were not demons, but they were murderous. The magic users made short work of one, and Carlos’s crossbow felled the other. As it fell, a crack of thunder announced the coming of a major thunderstorm.

The group sheltered in a cave at the base of the hill overnight. There were no surprises apart from a wild boar who also took shelter from the high winds and driving rain. It did them no harm, and, left to itself, bolted from the cave at first light. The cave was very deep, and they didn’t know how far it reached, but the group decided to get Elian back to town.

Reunited with his wife, Elian said he would settle down and think about opening an alchemy or herbalism business. The party received their reward and celebrated at the Stag’s Head.


andrew_engstrom andrew_engstrom

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