West Marches: Westmoor

Vashit's Spooky Adventure

Dear Diary
Today, we went to spooky temple. But Vashit not scared. Not even tiny bit. We knocked a house over and house fell on Throkgar. It hurt him a lot, but he ok.
Then we go under house and Vashit try to play with fishies. But fishies were mean so Vashit and friends kill mean fishies. Then mean fishies started eating dead mean fishies. It made Vashit sad.
We go to room with spooky pool and blob come out of pool. People do good job of hitting it. When Vashit hit blob with axe (which Vashit throw because am best archer) blob split and made baby blobs. Does this make Vashit a daddy?
We kill baby blobs and go underwater again. This time, we go otherway and find big plug. Magic guys use magic to open it and water start draining down it. At first, Vashit hold on because he no want to go down scary drain. But then Vashit see Throkgar go down drain, so Vashit know am okay. Vashit let go and get sucket down drain too. All other friends go down drain except for Sid. He no want to play with us in fun water slide.
But then water slide stop being so fun. Vashit hit head on rocks. It hurt lots but then Vashit remember what Mommy says: “Vashit, you’re an idiot. You never use your head.” That right Mommy! Vashit no use head, so hurting head no hurt Vashit!
Vashit go out of water slide and see Throkgar napping in water. Vashit no think taht good place to nap so we go to beach and nap there. Then Sid join us and he bring Bloodsplatter! Vashit so happy to have friend back.
After everyone has bed-times, we go upstairs and find spooky coffin. But spooky coffin has shiny coins inside! Then we leave and go exploring.
We find new ooze. This one die without making Vashit into daddy. Throkgar hit it bunches and Vashit throw axe. We go through cave, but no find anything.
We find pretty pink staircase. Vashit wish Daddy had pretty pink staircase at castle. We leave through tombs that Vashit think are scary. We climb biiiiiig cliff to leave and am in mountains.
Vashit am good mountaineer, so lead friends down and back to town. It was fun day, but had lots of spooky things. But Vashit no was scared!


andrew_engstrom devinawe

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