A Half-Orc Fighter and Throkgar's New Bestie, Whether He Likes It Or Not


Vashit had, what some might call, an unothodox childhood that began the way most unorthodox childhoods do: with his conception. His father is the king of a very small nation, and his mother the queen. The king was a kind man with but two deficits. No children yet when he’s beginning to reach his old age, and his blindness. The queen had many deficits, but the one that bears mention here is an overactive libido that the king didn’t satisfy.

The kingdom was a small place, populated entirely by humans. Few had ever seen a different race within the country borders, but due to the kingdom’s seclusion and peaceful way of life, the non-humans who entered the kingdom were treated as minor celebrities. A visiting orc was invited to the royal castle for dinner because the king had never met an orc before. they enjoyed a delicious meal with pleasurable entertainment from the court bard. Afterwards, the orc and queen slipped away to enjoy a pleasurable entertainment of a different sort.

After the orc left, the queen found out she had become pregnant and immediately told the king about how she was having his son. The king ws overjoyed to learn that he was about to be a father. The whole kingdom was abuzz in excitement. Then on that day nine months later, the queen went into labor pains. Only the castle doctor was allowed in the room with her. He helped her through the contractions, and delivered a healthy baby boy…who was green. Shocked he dropped the child on his head. The queen had hoped that by some mirable the child would belong to her husband, but had mentally prepared for this possibility.

She scooped the baby into her arms, and as she nursed him, reminded the doctor just how much it menat to the king to have a son and how heartbroken he would be to find out that this child didn’t belong to him. But the king need never know. If everyone acts as if this child is a human, the blind king would never suspect anything and live happily with his wife and son. She dismissed the doctor to share this proposal with the rest of the castle staff, and soon afterwards, their small kingdom. It had become common knowledge that the queen had cheated on the king and that the new prince was a half-orc. But no one had the heart to tell the king about his wife’s infidelity or his son’s race. He was so overjoyed that no one could bear to break his heart. As little Vashit grew, his father realized he was larger than most boys his age. The king would often brag to the guards about how strong his boy was becoming. When the king stopped being able to wrap his arms around Vashit’s frame, he was so proud of his baby boy’s growth spurt.

Vashit’s treatment by the house staff was at first, begrudging respect, due only to the king’s love for the bastard son that wasn’t even his. But as they watched him grow, they realized that he had a kind heart. He would always ask the knights to tell him stories of their lives, or ask themaids if there was anything he could do to help since he was a big boy now. The child never had a mean word for anyone, and was always ready to help.

Vashit would often go down to the village to play with teh children there, where he quickly became popular for his performance in any team game that relied on brute strength. He took care never to hurt any of the children, restraining himself like the maids had taught him to do so he wouldn’t smash what he wanted to clean. But while he never hurt the other children, he also never lost. The parents were at first concerned about their children playing with the hulking brute but after a few supervised play sessions, they realized that Vashit was someone with a kind and gentle heart.

Strong and kind were two excellent adjectives for Vashit. Intelligent, not so much. Vashit was like a big, dumb, puppy. Nothing could ever hold his attention long enough for him to learn from it. That may not be a result of being dropped on his head, but that sure didn’t help. The cillage kids loved it though. Vashit’s dumb tendencies made sure there were plenty of games they could win even though he was so much stornger than them, and they found his moments of idiocy wonderfully funny.

But as Vashit grew, he started to yearn to see the outside world He longed to see the lands the knights talked about, and wanted to set off on an adventure. Vashit ahd always felt like there was something different about him, and that he had a responsibility to use his monstrous strength for good. But at the same time, he didn’t want to leave his mother and father, or his friends in the village.

“Vashit, I know you want to go see the world outside. And that’s alright. If you want to go, you can.”

“But Daddy need Vashit here!” Vashit exclaimed.

“You are a prince my son. And a prince can never blind themselves to the outside world. I often wish I had travelled to foreign lands when i was a youth, before it was too late. Oerhaps if i had, i would be a wiser king.”

“Daddy am best king” Vashit declared.

The old man gave a chuckle. “No, by far not the best, but it does my heart good to hear you think so. Vashit. I want you to leave. Become a strong and above all, wise prince, who knows how to protect what’s most important to him.”

“Vashit smash all the bad things!”

“Yes, yes, but make srue Vashit help all the good things too. Find yourself a wise teacher and learn from him in your travels. Always know, that I love you son.”

“Vashit love Daddy!”

The two embraced and the next day, Vashit left on his journey to find a wise teacher who could help him learn to fight for justice to protect people. He would have to find someone with unerring judgment and total conviction in their belifes, a strong fighter who could stand up for a righteous cause, and most importantly, be a sound voice of reason for Vashit to see advice from. Or as Vashit put it, “Vashit find talky-man who hit good and am mean to bad things”

Unfortunately, these standards didn’t quite work out the way they should have, leading to him taking Throkgar as a teacher. Let’s just hope he learns from Throkgar the same way he learned the intricacies of his kingdom’s judcial hearings; that is to say, very poorly.


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