West Marches: Westmoor

Vashit's Spooky Adventure

Dear Diary
Today, we went to spooky temple. But Vashit not scared. Not even tiny bit. We knocked a house over and house fell on Throkgar. It hurt him a lot, but he ok.
Then we go under house and Vashit try to play with fishies. But fishies were mean so Vashit and friends kill mean fishies. Then mean fishies started eating dead mean fishies. It made Vashit sad.
We go to room with spooky pool and blob come out of pool. People do good job of hitting it. When Vashit hit blob with axe (which Vashit throw because am best archer) blob split and made baby blobs. Does this make Vashit a daddy?
We kill baby blobs and go underwater again. This time, we go otherway and find big plug. Magic guys use magic to open it and water start draining down it. At first, Vashit hold on because he no want to go down scary drain. But then Vashit see Throkgar go down drain, so Vashit know am okay. Vashit let go and get sucket down drain too. All other friends go down drain except for Sid. He no want to play with us in fun water slide.
But then water slide stop being so fun. Vashit hit head on rocks. It hurt lots but then Vashit remember what Mommy says: “Vashit, you’re an idiot. You never use your head.” That right Mommy! Vashit no use head, so hurting head no hurt Vashit!
Vashit go out of water slide and see Throkgar napping in water. Vashit no think taht good place to nap so we go to beach and nap there. Then Sid join us and he bring Bloodsplatter! Vashit so happy to have friend back.
After everyone has bed-times, we go upstairs and find spooky coffin. But spooky coffin has shiny coins inside! Then we leave and go exploring.
We find new ooze. This one die without making Vashit into daddy. Throkgar hit it bunches and Vashit throw axe. We go through cave, but no find anything.
We find pretty pink staircase. Vashit wish Daddy had pretty pink staircase at castle. We leave through tombs that Vashit think are scary. We climb biiiiiig cliff to leave and am in mountains.
Vashit am good mountaineer, so lead friends down and back to town. It was fun day, but had lots of spooky things. But Vashit no was scared!

Hunting the Dire Wolf

Sid and Garret gathered resources to try and hunt down a dire wolf. The hunters Sid hired told them it was in a forest to the south as the hills turn into the mountain range. Garret spent time at the Bert Lesym’s Farm learning about how to handle the animal while Sid bought supplies including scrolls and a sheep. They headed south past the The Sentinel and once they came upon the beginnings of a forest they followed animal paths until they came to a canon. Here Sid cut down two trees and they climbed across the canon. As the sun was setting the group decided to stop and rest for the night so they could approach the dire wolf during the day light. Half way through the night Sid hears a loud noise as a tree starts falling down on their campsite. He calls an alarm to wake the group. Garret jumps out of the way, but Lanny is not as lucky. The tree landed on Lanny and a branch pierced his body killing him. Garret did not want to lose his biographer so he resurrected him. While Garret was tending to Lanny Sid investigated the base of the tree. The tree appeared to have been clawed and then pushed over. Sid summoned forth Ermin the Ermine who smelled the tracks around the tree. Erime recognized the smell as something that came from Armins pack. Sid realized that it must have been the Bear Owl. The next day the group continued on until they came across recently killed animal and discovered wolf tracks. They followed the tracks back to what they believed was the dire wolf’s pack den. As they approached they noticed wolves watching, but since the wolves did not attach Sid and Garrett left them alone. The den was a large cave opening. When they stopped in front of it there was the sound coming from the cave, and a huge dire wolf stepped out. Sid handed Garret the scroll for animal friendship, but when Garret cast it he bungled the spell and it had no effect. The dire wolf started to growl and the group feared that a fight was about to break out. Sid stepped forward with the sheep and offered it to the dire wolf. The dire wolf watched the sheep and with a slight movement of its head, singled for its pack to feast. While the rest of the pack ate the dire wolf watched Sid and Garret. Sid pulled out his last scroll, Speak with Animals, and tried to open up communication with the dire wolf. But Sid had never done scrolls before and it failed. The wolf stared at the group a hungry look in its eye. Sid stepped forward and pulled out a piece of meat from his rations. Walking forward with confidence, he approached the dire wolf, bent down and placed the meat in front of it. As he did this the dire wolf stepped forward right next to Sid who froze. After a moment the dire wolf smelled him, placed a paw on him and ate the food. The dire wolf allowed Sid and Garret to leave without harming them. Garret mentioned that from what he learned from Bert he believed that Sid would be allowed back without danger to try and gain favor with the animal.

A Newcomer, A Cave, A Woman and a Wagonride

Throkgar and Urist sit at the tavern, drinking and discussing what to do next while Vashit plays with BloodSplatter in the corner, whem a stranger walks up to them. This stranger introduces himself as Raven, a merchant who wants to adventure with us for some extra money. After everyone has properly met each other, The four set off to the remains of a wrecked caravan.

Urist finds a coin with strange writing on it, but not much else. We continue the search until stumbling onto a cavern. At first the party tries to scale down a cliff, but due to an accident with the rope, Throkgar falls and hits the ground near the entrance. the rest of the party makes it down without much trouble.

Inside the cave, the group finds a woman trapped behind a door. They free the woman and are attacked by a couple of monsters that can cling to the walls with ease. They quickly dispatch the creatures and set off back to town. A few more of the monsters try to follow, but are easily dealt with.

Back at town, the rescued woman Kadu invites them to rest in her home. They have a lovely tea time where Vashit impresses her with his vast knowledge of teas and the related etiquette, which he learned growing up as a prince. They stay the night, and while everyone else is asleep, Raven sneaks out, infiltrates a mansion, murders a butler, and sets fire to the mansion.

In the morning, the group is awoken by sirens and they go outside to help put out the fires.
Then they set off for Nalukkhaz to speak with Dwarren about the caravans he has being attacked. The group goes for a ride along in a wagon, but nothing happens before they get back to town.

Down The Demon Depths
Exploring the Demon Temple

Today our band of ‘heroes’ adventures down to the depths of Amber Heath, intent on using Garrett Falstad‘s knowledge from his last expedition to aid them in their delving. They climb down the rope with no issues and proceed through the temple until they reach the first test of their mettle: a trap in which you can only step on the proper tiles to spell out the demon lord’s name Dranzilthl. Most of the gorup fared well, but the illiterate Vashit struggled and stepped on the wrong tile, unleashing a horde of vines that ensnared himself.

After freeing him, they continued to a mouth that tried to entice people to get inside of it and be eaten. The magic words attempted to enchant the party to forget their better judgment, but they resisted. Again Vashit fialed this, and had to be restrained. Moving on, the party found a staircase leading down. They descended to find that ithe path completely submerged. Garret and Lothric took point, exploring to find themselves face to face with a giant eel. Garrett tried to grapple it to pull it back to the surface, but it didn’t quite work. The rest of the party quickly rushed in to join him, and beat the eel into submission.

They continued until they came to an ominous chamber, with a large golden sarcophogus at the end of it. After looting some underwater treasure chests to get a magic sword, a spell scroll, and some third thing, they rose out of the water. This is when they found out that the air in the room was poisoned. Sid Maxwell fell ill to the effects.

prepared for what was in the sarcophogus. Or at least as much as one could prepare. Vashit and Throkgar threw in their earplugs, which had originally been obtained to fight the harpies, and everyone readied to fire on anything that advanced from the coffin. Suddenly the coffin lid levitated, and almost squashed some of the heores as two horrific entities arose from it. They were fleshy masses of mouths and eyes, inciting madness in the listeners. Everyone had to keep fighting against their Lovecraftian might to not go insane with fear as reality began to bend around them. Thankfully, even Lovecraftian horrors respond veryy well to being hit, slashed, and pierced over and over again, so violence was able to save the day.

The heroes searched all over, finding no clue of where to go next in this chamber.. It turns out the magic sword enhanced the attuned’s insight, but at the cost of a 1 in 20 chance to be blinded with each swing, and a curse against using other weapons. The gorup climbed abck out without much incident, aside from Sid falling into the lake, but he made it back out without any damage being done to him.

DM Availability Follow-up
Yep, it's Tuesdays.

Hi again. I just wanted to confirm for the group that Tuesdays are going to be my day off as DM. I really hope this doesn’t put too much constraint on gaming here at the office; please consider breaking out of our normal Tues/Thurs schedule. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a game at the normal time, as long as enough people sign up. Weekend games are also great if people want to hang out on a Saturday night with pizza and various beverages.

Another suggestion would be if someone else wanted to run small snapshot games. For a stretch, some of us were having a lot of fun with an idea we called “Dungeon Masterpiece Theater” in which we took turns playing different games run by rotating DM/GMs. I think there are a few of you who would do really well on my side of the DM screen. Let me know if you’re interested but don’t know how to start.

Changes in DM Availability
In which the DM wants to play a game too

Hello, West Marchers. I’m putting this as an Adventure Log to help promote visibility. Maybe some of you still get the notification emails for these; I dunno…

Anyway, I wanted to make it known that a friend of mine has started his own D&D game and invited me to be a player. This means I’ll be blocking off one night a week to play and enjoy being on the other side of the screen. The most likely day right now looks like Tuesdays, but I’ll make another announcement to confirm that once we have a final vote from all involved parties. Please note that the rest of the week is still generally fair game as long as you give me enough advance notice. Ideally, I’d like more than a week to plan ahead because of other activities competing for my time. Thanks for helping me out with that.

And as long as I have your ear, a reminder that a game is scheduled for this Thursday if enough people RSVP.

Happy gaming!

Beating up a stalactite
It only wanted to give us a hug

Today our party of heroes is joined by a red-haired Dwarven Barbarian Galena. Galena, Before they head out on their latest exploration of Nalukkhaz, Garrett undergoes the ever-important process of renting out Lanny for a few days as his scribe.

Throkgar, Lothric, Sid, Lanny, Vashit, Garrett, and Galena make their way to Nalukkhaz where Sid delivers a stack of letters from Coaltoe to Dwarren. Dwarren and Galenashare some animosity, but do their best to keep things civil The party decides to spend the night resting before descending on the elevator the dwarves have rigged up to go down the stairwell.

As they rest, Galena tries to sneak into Dwarren’s tent but she’s caught before she can do so Thankfully, it’s just being seen, so no trouble arises from it.

The group descends on the elevator, wary of harpies. They keep a constant vigil for any activity, but there are no developments until the platform starts shaking and refusing to descend any further. The group disembarks to find a nearby doorwar. They drop a rock with lgiht on it, and for once, they can actually see the bottom of the well. Our heroes have found the bottom of the stairwell one floor down from where they are.

They decide to explore this cavern first, and go into a room to find dead dwarves with arrows sticking out of them, and four barrels throughout the room. Throkgar opens a barrel and is attacked by a creature made of green slime mold. It clings to him before being smashed apart by the party, leaving Throkgar with a minor case of poisoning that could become much worse come morning.

The group is then besieged by those dwarf corpses littering the room, reanimated with foul magic. They rise and attack. Garrett for some completely indiscernible reason sends Lothric a safe distance back before casting Turn Undead, which sends one of the zombies scurrying away in fear. The party fought off the zombies without much trouble.

Afterwards, the group debates going back, but decides to do some scouting first. Bloodsplatter is sent ahead, and he checks out the next room, sniffing for anything out of the ordinary. Bloodsplatter goes back to Vashit, who’s casting Speak With Animals and reports that there’s a large pool of liquid in the middle of the next room and he doesn’t find anything else.

The dungeon-delvers decide to check it out and Garrett is excited to try out his lightning javelin. As they enter the cavern they look around for the monster until Galena spots a suspicious looking stalactite on the ceiling. The party starts shooting at it with bows, javelins, and handaxes. The stalactive then reeveals itself as a hideous one-eyed monster with tentacles known as a roper. Thinking quickly, Garrett renders the monster blind. and the group resumes pounding away at it while it’s helplessly groping about the cavern.

After a few uneventful turns of the creature trying and failing to grasp someone, it finally succumbs to the damage and plummets from the ceiling into the floor. The group retrieves their thrown weapons by fishing for them in the acid pool with a net while Sid collects the Roper corpse to be traded in for ingredients. The group returns to the top with prize in tow, and find they’ve become local legends for this feat of strength.

They get the corpse appraised and walk away with over a thousand gold pieces. The party bids farewell to Galena as she sets off on her own journey, and rejoices in today’s good fortune.


Harpies: Round 3
A leap of Faith

Today our bold ‘heroes’ venture further into Nalukkhaz to do more exploration. But on the way, they stop at Bert Lesym‘s farm to drop off some presents for him. Throkgar, Sid Maxwell, and Garrett Falstad enter the Bert’s home and Throkgar slaps a sack, oozing blood, onto Bert’s dining table.

“A gift for you, a symbol that those who would attack an infant will pay a hefty price.”

Bert looks into the sack, finding the severed head of the were-dingo chieftain. Sid adds to this by presenting the glaive of the beast as well. Overjoyed, Bert promises the two of them a ten percent discount for them or their friends for the foreseeable future. Garret buys a warhorse and Throkgar picks up his new rat BloodSplatter. He thinks that this is an ideal time to try and convert Bert to Gruumsh. He explains the teachings of the evil war god, but Bert isn’t completely on board, though he is open to more theological discussions in the future.

The three rejoin the rest of their friends, Urist McDwarf, Vashit, Tyrone, and Carlos, and venture onwards to Nalukkhaz. They descend the stairwell down past the first landing, and hear a rush of feathers as six harpies begin to attack. All is going well, until one of them begins singing. Members of the group are mesmerized by this melody, but by attacking the charmed members of the group, they’re able to set them free. All except one. Sid jumps off of the edge.

Throkgar looks at his comrade plummeting downwards and remembers how he was the last victim of the harpies’ song. He swears to himself that they would take no more victims. Throkgar uns past two harpies, who claw at him as he passes, but doesn’t let them slow him down. He jumps off of the edge, receiving the inspiring power of his allies, he graps onto Sid as they fall and uses his lord Gruumsh’s fan to blow them onto the stairwell so they would fall no further. The two are hurt but alive.

Back in the fight, Garrett summons a torrent of dead warriors’ souls to swarm at the harpies while Tyrone lets loose firebolt after firebolt. Vashit spent his time throwing an axe and screaming “VASHIT AM BEST ARCHER” at the top of his lungs, hitting a harpie in a way that allowed him to retrieve his weapon.

The harpies are defeated without too much trouble, save for the one who flew off. The group descends the stairs so that Sid can receive healing. meanwhile, Urist goes to explore the second landing, and for his trouble, he’s stung by eels in the puddle before the entrance. Enraged, he summons a spectral boot and starts squishing the eels. When the rest of the group rejoins him, they enter into the second landing to find an old ballista and several weapon racks. which have been enchanted so that the weapons stored on them will never rest. The group also finds several types of weapons on the rack along with a barrel of expired grain. Throkgar dumps out the barrel, but seeing only grain, he turns away. Vashit sees all of the grain on the floor and promptly screams out “GRAIN LIKE VASHIT HOME SANDBOX” and begins playing in it. While trying to make a sandcastle out of grain, he finds a pouch of gems. The group returns to Dwaren, with the weapon racks in tow. He thanks them for the weapons and pays them for their trouble.

They set off back towards town, while Garrett proudly explains to Lanny how he saved Sid’s life by giving throkgar wings with his awesome Cleric powers

Secrets of Nalukkhaz

In an attempt to “quell” the demonic influence in Nalukkhaz, Garrett and Lothric took an intrepid journey into the temple alone, with the help of a dwarf hireling, whose name is unimportant.

They journeyed to Amber Heath and ventured into the hovel containing the tunnel into Nalukkhaz, encountering a chill wind along the way. Once there they ventured into the cavern, with Garrett taking special care to not fall into the water again. Once on the landing, Lothric, Garrett, and dwarf marched onward, through the torture chamber, and into the hallway beyond. On the floor they encountered a number of tiles, each with an infernal rune inscribed on it. After the valiant dwarf tested two of the tiles at Garrett’s behest, both of which were trapped, he took a confidant step onto a third. As he put his full weight on the tile it lifted up slightly, allowing a horde of beetles to emerge and devour the dwarf where he stood and carry his bones back to their lair. Unperturbed Garrett gleaned an answer to the floor puzzle and he and Lothric passed by it without incident.

On the other side the two brave adventurers encountered a visage of Dranzilthl with a gaping mouth. Garrett was able to see evil and magic swirling inside of the statue’s maw and attempted to cleanse it but was unsuccessful. He and Lothric realized they would need help so they ventured back to Amber Heath, mourning dwarf as they went, in hopes of finding assistance with their noble quest.

A Tale Of Two Throkgars

Armen Hammerman, Sid Maxwell, Urist McDwarf, and Throkgar, were sitting around the tavern when a new ally came to greet them: Tyrone, a scholar of sword and spell. Tyrone had travelled from a long way and decided to join our group in their adventures. The next thing to do was visit Nalukkhaz.

But first, a drink. Throkgardowned bottle after bottle of wine, managing to drink under the table a fellow half-orc named Vashit. Vashit wouldn’t take this defeat lying down, so he competed against Throkgar in many bar challenges. Losing them all, he decided to become Throkgar’s friend and joined the adventuring party.

After a walk back to The entrance to Nalukkhaz, the group reconnected with Dwarren, where Sid delivered him a message from Coaltoe. Thr groupd finds that no more attacks have happened since their last bout with the harpies. They want to go back down to the first floor since there was no time to clear it out after killing the beasts that resided there on the last trip.

Stepping through the hallway, they remember to avoid the stone pile alarm, still set up. But something isn’t there that should be: the corpses of the creatures. The group looks throughout the floor, coming at last to the two locked doors, finding no bodies, but trails of blood, indicating they’d been dragged to these rooms. Opening the doors, the ‘heroes’ are beset on all sides by hideous centipede creatures. One paralyzes Sid while another fights Throkgar, Urist, and Vashit, and a third fights Tyrone and Armen. Throkgar tries to go help the helpless Sid, but the centipede he was near took advantage of this opportunity to paralyze him as well. Urist pounds away at the creature, while Armen and Tyrone use teamwork to fight the beast. It tries to run, but Tyrone catches and kills it. Sid recovers enough strength to break free of the paralysis, and fights the creature, doing massive damage. Throkgar then regains his movement as well, and when the centipede tries to flee down a hole, he chases after it. Meanwhi.le, Urist has been doing great harm to the monster, but its Vashit who takes hte final shot, chucking his spear through the creature’s hide, dealing the lethal blow. Throkgar catches up to the last one, and breaks its neck against his knee.

Thr group reconvenes in the were dingoes throne room, discovering gems and figurines along with something equally intersting. A tunnel. They decide to go down it and make their way to a large cavern where Tyrone hears a voice whisper out to him. He dismisses it at first, but it persists. He begins acting oddly, insisting on going into certain rooms in the labyrinthine caverns. At one point, our group thinks they see a pair of eyes on the ceiling, but they’re unable to find the crature those eyes belonged to. They move on, as one by one, they begin acting strangely, wanting to do into a place that had been previously ignored, insisting on it. Throkgar says that he’s had enough and leaves with Vashit in toe to find their way out of these caves.

As soona stheir out of earshot, Vashit is delivered a rude surprise from his new friend, in the form of a quarterstaff in the head. He’s beaten to unconsciousness and shoved in a fissure while Throkgar returns to the group, claiming to be attacked by Vashit. As thr group explores the tunnels, they start to grow suspicious of each other. Throkgar in particular, is watched with a leery eye. but it’s when they find the body of Vashit in the fissure that our gorup really starts to believe something is amiss. Urist uses his saintly powers to stabilize Vashit’s condition, but Vashit is unable to remember what happened. Whiel arguing about what to do next, Armen hears a voice from a nearby cavern. He tries to run over there, but Throkgar attacks him with his quarterstaff, not trusting the sudden movement. Armen, Vashit, Tyrone, and Urist run to the other cave, leaving only Sid and Throkgar.

In that room, they find a webbed up figure, making grunting noises. They open up the cocoon to find another Throkgar! Back with Sid and Throkgar, Throkgar tries to run, but Sid takes the opportunity to attack him, slicing away Throkgar’s skin to reveal a grey humanoid monster who had taken Throkgar’s form. The beast manages to run away and Sid joins the rest of the party. They establish that Throkgar and Sid are who they say they are by asking questions, specifically about BeastMaster Bert and whether or not Garrett is pompous. They make a codeword that I dare not share on this page in case the chapeshifter has wifi in the cave to ensure that they will be able to tell if one of them has been replaced in the future. They end the adventure there by returning to the surface, with nothing to show for their trek thorugh the tunnel, but the knowledge of the horrible danger that lies within.


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