A thief engages in a jewel heist. A fighter wins an exciting boxing match against a local celebrity. A wizard researches the arcane mysteries of the stars. These are all exciting stories, but in terms of West Marches, they are grouped into a category of play called Downtime.

When characters spend a day or more in Westmoor resting, recuperating, or doing anything other than adventuring, it counts as Downtime. Many Downtime activities rely on town infrastructure which can be upgraded according to the rules listed below. When you have Downtime, pick one of the following activities (or level up plus another activity, if the time available is greater than your training requirement):

Available Downtime Activities

The following table lists options for downtime activities. Some of these options may be upgraded. Details can be found in the next table of town upgrades.

Activity Benefit
Physical Training Gain a Training Die to use on the next adventure.
Study Gain Study Dice to use on the next adventure.
Pray & Meditate Gain a divine boon to use on the next adventure.
Arcane Assistant Gain a small item of power to use on the next adventure.
Cartography Map out areas of the West Marches to gain access to reliable maps.
Train to level up Spend time and money to access resources you need to reach your next class level. See table below for advancement rates.
Hard Work Use your adventuring skills to do work around town. Earn (Level)d10 GP.
Carousing Roll on the carousing table, as instructed by the DM.

Town Improvements

Improvement Level Effect Next Level
Training Yard 3 Spend downtime training with the town guard to improve your physical capabilities. Gain a Training Die to use on a physical attribute based roll or add to AC one time, at any point during the next adventure.
Current Training Die level: d5

Next Level Unlocks: Larger Training Die
Library 3 Spend downtime studying old books to improve your understanding of the West Marches. Gain a Study Die Pool to use on a mental attribute based roll at any point during the next adventure. Dice in the pool may be used on the same or different rolls.
Current Study Die Pool: 3d3

Next Level Unlocks: More Study Dice
Potion Shop 1 Upgrade the shop and find a new potion recipe to allow players to buy potions.
Currently available:
Potion of Healing

Next Level Unlocks: Additional potion slot
Temple 4 Spend downtime praying or meditating at the local temple. You are granted the boon of any Cleric cantrip of your choosing, to be activated at your command any time during the next adventure by calling on a deity.

Spellcasting services available, as Cleric.
Current spell level: 2

Next Level Unlocks: Additional spell level
Wizards’ Conclave 3 Spend downtimetime assisting local wizards. You are granted a one-use magic item with 1 charge of a random arcane cantrip.

Spellcasting services available, as Wizard.
Current spell level: 2
Torchbearer Guild 3 You find people willing to accompany you into the wilderness… for a fee, of course. Pay up front, but mistreatment or dangerous situations may cause them to flee.
Currently Available:
1d6 unskilled workers
1d4 skilled workers
1d3 basic pack animals for hire

Next level unlocks: Riding mounts for hire
Shrine of Heroes 4 New characters may start at the same level as the Shrine of Heroes (maximum: same level as highest currently active character). 2823/6500

Next Level Unlocks: Higher starting level
Cartography Guild 1 Spend downtimetime with a crew of skilled workers to survey land near known territory, making reliable maps available to the players.

Skilled laborers may be hired to complete this task with no supervision.

Next Level Unlocks: Larger survey area
Bounty Board 1 Local blades for hire post notices on a message board at the Stag’s Head.
Current roster:
1d3 local toughs

Next level unlocks: Additional roster options
Beastmaster 2 Standard riding mounts for sale. Commonly domesticated animals trained. 300/900

Next level unlocks: Combat-trained mounts for sale
Scriptorium 1 Spell scrolls available for sale, according to spellcasting available from town services. Cost of scroll additional to spellcasting services. 0/300

Next level unlocks: ?

Training to Level Up

Once they have accrued enough experience, characters must spend some downtime honing their skills in order to level up. Training to gain levels takes the minimum listed time and monetary cost (for trainers, materials, facilities, etc). No more than one level can be trained at a time between adventures. Training to level up can be done in addition to another activity if there are more than enough Downtime days to train.

Level Attained Days Spent Cost Per Level
2-4 3 20gp
5-10 6 40gp
Higher Levels TBD

Investing in Town

Sometimes there will be opportunities to invest your hard-won gold back into the town. When an interesting NPC wants to set up a business or service in town, you will have the chance to invest gold in the operation. Your character will gain 1 XP for each gp spent this way. Once the business or service is fully funded, all adventurers will be able to make use of the new resource in town.


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