Frost Dragon

The giant being, responsible for the chill throughout the town, capable of doing 24 damage in one breath. The creature also shows some intelligence, such as waiting for players to get lost in a snowstorm rather than blindly chasing after them.

The dragon resides resided in Castle Jorday. It was slain by the brave adventurers Sid, Selta, Carlos, Lars, and Garrett after it froze their companion, Dwight, to death with its frost breath.

The dragon was found to be only an adolescent. The question arises as to where its mother might be.

“Dam near One-Shot the whole group I tells ya!”
An elderly man shouted from the corner of the Stags-Head.

“I seen it all. Up on the citadel it was. Breathing a mystical frost instead of fire, and enraged by the death of it’s human-like kin, it chased the group down and off of the mountain.”

Saliva spewing from his over saturated gob, he took a massive swig of ale.

“Chased ‘em right of the edge of the cliff! If the group hadn’t been such a perceptive bunch, might have eaten them whole!”

There’s always been reason to stay away from that perilous place. Now we know what it is.

Frost Dragon

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