Impossible Castle

A castle that exists on another plane. The castle hangs upside down from a large arch. To approach the castle one must walk backwards towards it and climb the base of the arch, which seems to completely alter gravity allowing for walking up its perpendicular surface.

The castle’s liege lord is Sorcerer King Thienerdhald and its guards are slaves that he has twisted and transformed from elves and dwarves into furries.

In Depth:
We believe that Thienerdhald’s Impossible Castle was created as a sort of prison for Thienerdhald was his enemies were trying to contain him. It is an upside down castle hanging from a giant stone arch. Very strong creatures exist here. Most of the creatures that you will encounter were originally elves but Thienerdhald has transformed them into different animal creatures. So far we have seen 3 different kind of creatures and the different races seem to distain each other. The Rat humanoid is the weakest and is usual caged or used as sacrifices for different purposes. They were the first to be broken by Thienerdhald and transformed. The Next to break were the boar humanoids and they will be found guarding different points of the castle. The last creatures to break were the bear humanoids can be found outside the castle waiting for invaders or in the throne room. The bear humanoids are much larger and stronger. We have been able to convince some of the bear humanoids, Ithileal and Alaren, to aid adventurers who were opposed to Thienerdhald. It seems that the bears who are outside the castle are more likely to aid adventurers.

To get to the castle you will need to find the tomb located to the south east of the Westmoor. You will find the tomb open and portal with wind blowing out from it. Jump through the portal. You will appear in a strange plane of existence and you should see the castle in the distance. To approach the castle you need to turn around and walk backwards towards it. Once you get to the arch you will need to believe that you can walk up the side of the arch. If you character believes this truly he\she will be able to walk sideways up the arch.

Impossible Castle

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