The rules for playing D&D are covered in the Player’s Handbook, but there are a few additional rules required as a game group to make this group run well. It’s important that we recognize each others’ time is valuable, and these guidelines will help us focus the game and avoid confusion about what’s expected of us.

Rule One

You are an adventurer because you feel a strong call in your bones to adventure. The boredom of a calm life doesn’t appeal to you – you are driven to leave behind the safety of civilization and explore the wilds to make your name. Regardless of what drives you, you are driven. You choose where to go and what to do. There will be a handful of obvious choices, but you don’t by any means need to take them. The adventure is in your hands.

Party Leader Rule

Whoever takes the initiative and organizes a game session is the Party Leader for that session. The Party Leader is responsible for getting a party assembled, posting an event on the Calendar prior to the event, and following up the session by writing a session report in the Adventure Log. If you do these things, you will receive + 10% XP for the next session you attend!

Session reports can be as detailed as you like, but they must include information about where you went and what you did. Details on treasure and other rewards are optional. You can make yourself sound as awesome as you like, but don’t stretch the truth (too much!). Have your entry completed within one week of the session.

You may add new Events and Adventure Logs by going to the menu bar and selecting New → Calendar Event or New → Adventure Log Post

Exploration Experience

After a session, players can gain Exploration Experience by editing the campaign wiki. The next time that player attends a session, the DM will ask if the player updated the wiki, and if so, the player can immediately receive an XP reward to add to their character’s current total. XP rewards are based on a standard combat encounter at the character’s current level.

The Rest

  • Players can suggest or join sessions on an at-will basis. There is no assumed set party – characters can adventure in many different groups.
  • Each session is presumed to be self-contained. Players venture into the wild, find or are found by adventure, and return home each session.
  • New characters start at level 1. Characters keep whatever gold and XP they earn from session to session, and characters may (until further notice) group with other characters of any level.
  • Characters can be created before game time or at the table using the character options found in the Player’s Handbook or the free basic rules PDF. If you create your character ahead, you may use the Standard Array. If you create the character at the table you may use the Standard Array or roll dice for stats. Characters who roll for stats start the game with Inspiration.
  • Every character starts each session in Westmoor. If characters have not returned home by the end of the session, they automatically return after play has ended.
  • Players are penalized a cost of 1GP/Lvl per mile they must travel back home after the end of a session.
  • The world of the West Marches persists beyond each session. If players have made a change in one session, other players will see that change if they follow the same path in a later session.
  • The town of Westmoor is, for whatever reason, safe. Adventure is found beyond civilization’s edge. Characters can rest here between sessions and come to no harm. Likewise, there is nothing of interest for you back in the Kingdom of Gyleon. Adventure is found in the wilds beyond.

Beta Test Rules

Sometimes the DM will want to try out a new mechanic or system in the game to help support the exploration side of play. When new “beta test” rules come into play, there will be a Forum post to discuss it and additional information noted about how the rule is intended to work. If it could impact character survival, anyone who plays with the rule in effect will get a little compensation for that, possibly in the form of additional Death Saves or other existing mechanics.

Session Focus

As part of the RSVP requirements for players, a game is not considered official until the party has chosen a focus for the session. This must be communicated to the DM by the same deadline of noon of the previous workday to the game session.


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