The Mushroom Cave

The Mushroom Cave is located just north of the Lakeside Ruins that lie east of Westmoor. It can be a bit tricky to locate, but an experienced survivalist (or a very perceptive weasel) can find it with a little luck.

Make sure to bring a length of rope (or 2) with you, as entering the Mushroom Cave involves navigating a deep subterranean pit. A reliable source of light is also recommended.

As you descend into the cave you will find a multi-level unnatural structure. The stone used appears to be of an unknown type and from an unknown location. Stairways will lead you further down into the mushroom forest.

The floor of the Mushroom Cave is filled with a fascinating array of large fungi. Take care not to gawk at the flora too long though, as local fauna have been confirmed to be hostile and aggressive.

There are reports of an unknown reptilian race of sentient beings ( Lizard People) inhabiting the farther recesses of the Mushroom Cave. Further exploration will be required to better understand them.

The entrance to the cave has been known to be under the surveillance of a group of Westmarch Goblins.

The Mushroom Cave

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