West Marches: Westmoor

A Newcomer, A Cave, A Woman and a Wagonride

Throkgar and Urist sit at the tavern, drinking and discussing what to do next while Vashit plays with BloodSplatter in the corner, whem a stranger walks up to them. This stranger introduces himself as Raven, a merchant who wants to adventure with us for some extra money. After everyone has properly met each other, The four set off to the remains of a wrecked caravan.

Urist finds a coin with strange writing on it, but not much else. We continue the search until stumbling onto a cavern. At first the party tries to scale down a cliff, but due to an accident with the rope, Throkgar falls and hits the ground near the entrance. the rest of the party makes it down without much trouble.

Inside the cave, the group finds a woman trapped behind a door. They free the woman and are attacked by a couple of monsters that can cling to the walls with ease. They quickly dispatch the creatures and set off back to town. A few more of the monsters try to follow, but are easily dealt with.

Back at town, the rescued woman Kadu invites them to rest in her home. They have a lovely tea time where Vashit impresses her with his vast knowledge of teas and the related etiquette, which he learned growing up as a prince. They stay the night, and while everyone else is asleep, Raven sneaks out, infiltrates a mansion, murders a butler, and sets fire to the mansion.

In the morning, the group is awoken by sirens and they go outside to help put out the fires.
Then they set off for Nalukkhaz to speak with Dwarren about the caravans he has being attacked. The group goes for a ride along in a wagon, but nothing happens before they get back to town.


andrew_engstrom devinawe

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