West Marches: Westmoor

Hunting the Dire Wolf

Sid and Garret gathered resources to try and hunt down a dire wolf. The hunters Sid hired told them it was in a forest to the south as the hills turn into the mountain range. Garret spent time at the Bert Lesym’s Farm learning about how to handle the animal while Sid bought supplies including scrolls and a sheep. They headed south past the The Sentinel and once they came upon the beginnings of a forest they followed animal paths until they came to a canon. Here Sid cut down two trees and they climbed across the canon. As the sun was setting the group decided to stop and rest for the night so they could approach the dire wolf during the day light. Half way through the night Sid hears a loud noise as a tree starts falling down on their campsite. He calls an alarm to wake the group. Garret jumps out of the way, but Lanny is not as lucky. The tree landed on Lanny and a branch pierced his body killing him. Garret did not want to lose his biographer so he resurrected him. While Garret was tending to Lanny Sid investigated the base of the tree. The tree appeared to have been clawed and then pushed over. Sid summoned forth Ermin the Ermine who smelled the tracks around the tree. Erime recognized the smell as something that came from Armins pack. Sid realized that it must have been the Bear Owl. The next day the group continued on until they came across recently killed animal and discovered wolf tracks. They followed the tracks back to what they believed was the dire wolf’s pack den. As they approached they noticed wolves watching, but since the wolves did not attach Sid and Garrett left them alone. The den was a large cave opening. When they stopped in front of it there was the sound coming from the cave, and a huge dire wolf stepped out. Sid handed Garret the scroll for animal friendship, but when Garret cast it he bungled the spell and it had no effect. The dire wolf started to growl and the group feared that a fight was about to break out. Sid stepped forward with the sheep and offered it to the dire wolf. The dire wolf watched the sheep and with a slight movement of its head, singled for its pack to feast. While the rest of the pack ate the dire wolf watched Sid and Garret. Sid pulled out his last scroll, Speak with Animals, and tried to open up communication with the dire wolf. But Sid had never done scrolls before and it failed. The wolf stared at the group a hungry look in its eye. Sid stepped forward and pulled out a piece of meat from his rations. Walking forward with confidence, he approached the dire wolf, bent down and placed the meat in front of it. As he did this the dire wolf stepped forward right next to Sid who froze. After a moment the dire wolf smelled him, placed a paw on him and ate the food. The dire wolf allowed Sid and Garret to leave without harming them. Garret mentioned that from what he learned from Bert he believed that Sid would be allowed back without danger to try and gain favor with the animal.


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