West Marches: Westmoor

The Impossible Castle

Holy S#$% We Didn't Die

Garrett, Grigg and Sid try again at rescuing Armen. This time they limited their distractions and head straight for the portal, but once on the other side they ran into a problem. When they tried to approach the Impossible Castle they could not make any noticeable change. They tried leaving arrows to see if they could tell distance better, but even though they could walk away from the arrows they still could not approach the castle. Garrett had the idea of trying to walk backwards towards and in a matter of seconds they were at the base of one of the pillars in the arch. Now they came upon their second problem, how to scale this impossible arch. Grigg, without hesitation ran straight at the arch and proceeded to run up the side as if gravity had flipped sideways. With some effort the rest of the team joined Grigg and they made their way to the castle. But before getting there they could reach it they stumbled upon two humanoid bears. The adventures restrained themselves and did not attach, and instead tried to communicate with these creatures. They found that these creatures knew elvish and they were able to convince them they were on their Master’s side. Speaking of their Master seemed to invoke some unpleasant reaction from the creatures and the bearfolk decided they would bring the adventures to their Master. On their way to the throne room the aventures witnessed other creatures, boarmen and ratmen, in different locations. In one instance a ratman was used as a sacrifice to open a set of large golden doors. Before entering the throne room the adventures noticed that all the creatures had a bare spot on the back of their necks that looked different than the creatures normal skin, but they could not figure out what it meant. As they entered the throne room Grigg stepped into the shadows to hide while Garrett and Sid were brought before the throne. At the throne two bearmen, twice the size and wearing radiant and terrifying armor stood guard while a group of boarmen stood at the back of the room. Then suddenly the two giant bearmen roared for everyone to kneel before the Master and a ghostly presence appeared on the throne. As the sorcerer king Thienerdhald integrated Sid and Garrett, Grigg was overcome by the urge to poke one of the boarmen’s bare spots while it knelt. The shock of being jabbed in the back of the neck sent the boarmen jumping forward screeching. Enraged Thienerdhald turned and with one movement obliterated the creature. Sid and Garrett stood stunned now starting to comprehend the situation they were in. Garrett’s silver tongue started working trying to convince Thienerdhald that we were on his side and that we had a plan to return him to the other plan. With luck Garrett was able to convince the sorcerer king and he sent them away for the night. While Garrett and Sid were escorted to their new rooms Grigg snuck off to do some investigating(read thieving). From room to room Grigg snuck look for expensive items to steal. In one room lined with cages he found an ancient book. In the middle of pocketing the book he heard a noise coming from one of the cages. Peeking into the cage he saw a small humanoid figure wrapped in a cloth. The creature roared that he would not be broken and they could do their worst. Grigg spoke with the creature until it revealed that he called himself Armen. Excitedly Grigg told Armen that he was here with Armen’s companions and they had come to rescue him. Grigg hurriedly unlocked the cage and helped Armen out of his binding cloth. But as Grigg stepped back from Armen he was shocked to see that Armen was no longer a simple dwarf, but by some magic has be transfigured into some half-dwarf half-badger creature. He was now Armen Badgerman.
Meanwhile Sid and Garrett were shown to their rooms. Before being locked into their rooms for the night Garrett tries his luck at sowing discord between the different races of creatures that Thienerdhald was using. But as the conversation went on he was shocked to find that these creatures had once, long ago, been elves. Garrett decided to take a chance and reveal that Sid and himself were in fact opposed to Thienerdhald and were here to rescue their companion. The two bearmen shared their names, Ithileal and Alaren, and reviled that they were not bearmen but bearwomen. Garrett and Sid asked for their help in rescuing their companion and offered to aid the elves once they rescued Armen. The bearelves escorted Sid and Garrett to the room that Armen was being held in only to stumble upon Grigg and Armen preparing to make their escape. For a while they discussed their options: flee to safety, try to fight their way to Thienerdhald or to continue to explore the castle. The bearevles impressed upon the adventures the strength of Thienerdhald and of those who are loyal to him. They had no chance of making it to Thienerdhald’s corpse to attempt to destroy it. They had to flee or risk dying in the Impossible Castle. Sid, feeling helpless and defeated by opponents much stronger than him, did the only thing he could think of to strike at Thienerdhald. He looked around until he saw some lab equipment and he grabbed as much as he could carry. At this point the alarm bells were sounded and the adventures knew they were in trouble. As quickly as they could they fled down the corridors to escape the castle. As the sounds of their pursuers grew louder Ithileal and Alaren offered to stay behind and give our adventures time to escape. Once out of the castle our adventures got separated by the weird rules of this plane. Sid laid down to rest in the holes created upon their first exploration of this plan. When he awoke he found himself in the inn under someone else’s bed. Sid confused this person to give him time to escape by claiming this was in fact his room and the other person was in the wrong. Grigg, Armen and Garrett ended up getting teleported into a bandit camp while everyone was asleep. On their way out of camp Grigg stepped into a tent to find a sleeping women and chest. He grabbed the chest and brought it back with them to the inn, which was a good decision since when they opened the chest it had an alarm spell on it which screemed that someone was steeling the chest.


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