West Marches: Westmoor

Secrets of Nalukkhaz

In an attempt to “quell” the demonic influence in Nalukkhaz, Garrett and Lothric took an intrepid journey into the temple alone, with the help of a dwarf hireling, whose name is unimportant.

They journeyed to Amber Heath and ventured into the hovel containing the tunnel into Nalukkhaz, encountering a chill wind along the way. Once there they ventured into the cavern, with Garrett taking special care to not fall into the water again. Once on the landing, Lothric, Garrett, and dwarf marched onward, through the torture chamber, and into the hallway beyond. On the floor they encountered a number of tiles, each with an infernal rune inscribed on it. After the valiant dwarf tested two of the tiles at Garrett’s behest, both of which were trapped, he took a confidant step onto a third. As he put his full weight on the tile it lifted up slightly, allowing a horde of beetles to emerge and devour the dwarf where he stood and carry his bones back to their lair. Unperturbed Garrett gleaned an answer to the floor puzzle and he and Lothric passed by it without incident.

On the other side the two brave adventurers encountered a visage of Dranzilthl with a gaping mouth. Garrett was able to see evil and magic swirling inside of the statue’s maw and attempted to cleanse it but was unsuccessful. He and Lothric realized they would need help so they ventured back to Amber Heath, mourning dwarf as they went, in hopes of finding assistance with their noble quest.


Point of clarification: This is the evil temple beneath Amber Heath, and not the tower where the Reclaimers have set up shop. Otherwise, nice recap.

Secrets of Nalukkhaz
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