The Tempest Congregation

When Throkgar arrived in Westmoor, he was absolutely aghast to find that there was no organized church to Gruumsh in the area. Since his arrival, he’s been working to rectify that.

The conversion started with some simple farmhands, who worked alongside Throkgar building a wall for Burt. That night, Throkgar explained to them the greatness of Gruumsh. The message of strength, and justice through force resonated with them and these farmhands became Throkgar’s first conversions in Westmoor. As time passed, Throkgar would work to bring more people to the fold, helping them to learn about the glory and beauty of violence and war. With these new members and some gold gathered from his adventures, the Tempest Congregation was formed.

The Congregation has gained a few more members since then, and while small, its numbers are on the rise. Many are attracted to Throkgar’s teachings of the survival of the fittest, and taking what you want. These are the church’s teachings

1. Always act for yourself. Do something because it is what you want to do, not out of some obligation to imagined ideals. Protect your family because it is what you want to do, not because they need protecting. Incite violence not because of Throkgar’s commands, but because you want to weed out the week from society.

2. Never hurt a baby or anyone of a similar invalid state. Someone can be killed for choosing to fight you. Someone can be killed for choosing to run away. Someone can be killed for choosing to do nothing. But they can never ever be killed when they are incapable of making that choice.

3. Renounce pacifism. Love, kindness, and mercy are the hallmarks of the weak. This is the attitude of those who have stood at the top their entire lives without having to fight for what they want. Violence is the only way to experience gain or loss. Peace is promoted by those with a vested interest in the status quo. Pacifism is the ideal of waiting for others to give you what you want. Violence will always be necessarty, the pacifists only feign superiority by insisting someone else get the blood on their hands.

There is no official punishment for breaking these rules. But if you do, be prepared to earn the ire of the Congregation.

The Tempest Congregation

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